Rainbow Six Siege Survey Talks About a Solo Campaign, a New Game, and More

Several Rainbow Six Siege players have reported that they’ve received a survey about the game from Ubisoft, which asks some interesting questions regarding new multiplayer modes, a solo campaign, and a “full new game.”

Rainbow Six Siege turned out to be a surprise hit for the developer, and has been receiving regular content updates since launch in 2015. It has a successful esports scene and boasts over 45 million registered users across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The survey in question starts off by asking players what they think about expanding the current game. The “hypothetical new types of gameplay” that Ubisoft proposed include:

  • New Capture-the-Flag mode
  • New solo campaign mode
  • New open world exploration mode
  • New Team Deathmatch mode
  • New co-op PvE mode
  • New PvP mode

Players’ interest is gauged by a scale that ranges from “not at all appealing” to “extremely appealing.”

The next question asks players what they’d be willing to pay for a “full new game” based on Rainbow Six Siege that comes with different modes, maps, enemies, operators, and cosmetic content, etc.

While this is all hypothetical, the suggestions are still interesting to note because Ubisoft is understandably gauging players’ interests for a reason. This December will complete Rainbow Six Siege‘s fourth year so it’s possible that the studio is looking to freshen things up.

That said, work on the current game is far from over. Alongside continuous content updates, Ubisoft has been actively improving Rainbow Six Siege on a regular basis, going as far as offering users in-game rewards for reporting bugs that its development team is able to reproduce and fix. The new Bug Hunter program is designed to increase player involvement and address pressing issues simultaneously.

Would our readers be interested in a brand new game and/or an expansion of the existing game? Let us know!

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[Source: Reddit via Wccftech]