The Latest World War Z Patch Will Stop Your Save Files From Being Corrupted

The success of World War Z was a major story, as it managed to surpass one million copies sold within its first seven days of release. As such, the team at Saber Interactive has been hard at work making sure any prominent issues are ironed out, as a means of ensuring that the player-base sticks around. There was a patch that rolled out closer to the game’s launch that was wiping players’ saves, which was a top priority for the team to fix. Now, the latest patch is live and fixes the save issue, among other things that needed to be addressed.

The latest World War Z patch will improve stability, fixing connectivity issues, crashes, and gameplay bugs that could sometimes halt progress. If you’ve been frustrated by the excessive aim assist in PvPvZ modes, you’ll be happy to know that the issue has also been fixed, in addition to the combat shotgun receiving a damage reduction and an increased cool-down timer for the “Please Stand Up” perk. If you’ve been struggling to save your friendly AI companions, you’ll also probably enjoy the increased objective timers on the easy and normal difficulties, giving you a little bit more wiggle room.

For all you trophy hunters out there, there have been fixes made to the “Strong Humanity,” “High Caution,” and “The Most Effective Way” trophies. Players were experiencing issues that wouldn’t allow them to earn these trophies if they failed them once in the same session.

Here are the full patch notes:

PS4 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue that caused save file corruption.
  • Fixed an issue with save backups restoring saves with 0 progression.
  • Fixed a large number of connectivity, matchmaking and party system issues.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed a large number of gameplay bugs that caused inability to progress in levels.


  • You will now only gain XP toward weapon upgrades if you have purchased the prior upgrade for that weapon, i.e. level two must be purchased to be able to gain XP toward level 3.
  • Fixed an issue that caused excessive aim assist in PvPvZ.
  • Reduced Compact Shotgun damage in PvPvZ.
  • Increased cooldown of “Please Stand Up” perk to 60 seconds.
  • Marking items will now display its icon for your teammates.
  • Reduced AI bots effectiveness especially on easy and normal difficulties.
  • Increased objective timer to save friendly NPCs to 60 seconds on easy and normal difficulties.


  • Minor fixes in UI and localization.


  • Fixed an issue with “Strong immunity,” “High caution,” and “The most effective way” trophies, which caused the goals to fail if you have failed them once during one game session.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Sport kills” trophy, which was harder than intended to get.

It’s been great to see the support from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive. Having such success would certainly be a motivator for the teams to continue supplying support. The companies also encouraged players to continue to give feedback with any issues that could be experienced while playing, so be on the look out for more updates in the future.

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[Source: Focus Home Interactive Forums]