The Newest World War Z Patch Is Apparently Wiping Players’ Progress

World War Z just got a new patch only days after its initial release. While it ostensibly is designed to fix connectivity and stability issues, it had another, unidentified change. Many players are claiming that the 1.02 update has corrupted their save files. While a hotfix was set out, it had a much more unfortunate side effect, as the entirety of some players’ progress has been reset, as if they had just started the game.

The trouble first started as the initial update rolled out, and players noticed that their save data was corrupted the next time they tried to start the game. A hotfix was thrown out once this came to light, as Saber Interactive worked to fix the issue completely. However, the hotfix, once put out, appeared to completely wipe any progress made. While it’s unknown exactly how many were affected, those who are affected have lost all loot, gold, and progression.

Seemingly aware of the issue, Saber Interactive sent out a tweet urging players to back up their save files. Unfortunately, if the file hasn’t been backed up, this fix won’t solve the issue of a wiped save.

World War Z, a co-op zombie-centric shooter, has received many comparisons to Left 4 Dead, and is attempting to fill the void left by that franchise, with its own unique twists. While you can expect our review soon, be sure to check out our hands-on preview of the new third-person shooter. Even though this is a massively unfortunate issue, Saber Interactive has been hard at work trying to improve its game to ensure its survival.

Have you gotten this issue? Be sure to let us know.

[Source: PSU]