Days Gone’s 1.07 Update Replaces the Troubled 1.06 Patch

Bend Studio’s attempts to fix a notable problem in Days Gone appeared to have created an even bigger one. The developer pulled the 1.06 patch after a troubling amount of PlayStation 4 crashes were reported following the update’s launch. Thankfully, the 1.07 update just went live, and the problem seems to have subsided.

Days Gone had been plagued by issues following its release, with one of the more notable issues being a consistent audio drop. The title has seen a constant stream of patches even before the game’s official release. Patches 1.04, 1.05, and 1.06 all launched within the first week of release. Unfortunately, the 1.06 update was a troubled one, and many players took to Reddit to report system crashes. The system wasn’t native to a specific system, either, as the crashes were reported on both standard PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles.

When reports on crashes became more and more widespread, Bend Studio opted to pull the patch completely while it worked on a fix. The game file reverted back to version 1.05, and installing the game brought it to 1.05. Now, the 1.07 patch is now live.

Full details on what is in the patch aren’t clear, but it seems to have fixed the repeated crashes. It also isn’t clear if this patch fixes the persistent audio issue that’s been a big complaint for many players. While it’s unfortunate that Days Gone has this many issues that need to be addressed, it’s to Bend’s credit that it has consistently been working on its game. On the flipside, one has to wonder if the speedy rate of the patch output has resulted in a lack of playtesting. Hopefully, as more issues get solved, we’ll see the output of patches begin to cool.

The developer is certainly putting its weight behind Days Gone. In addition to the large number of updates, it was recently revealed that it will be getting free DLC in the Summer. This DLC includes an extra-grueling difficulty mode.

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