An Unforgiving New Mode Is Part of Days Gone’s Free DLC Plan

Days Gone will be getting a new mode tailor-made for the most experienced of survivors this Summer. In addition to the hardcore “Survival” mode, Bend Studio’s newest title will also be getting weekly challenges this summer. The best part? All of these updates will be free for all players. While they don’t have a release date yet, they will be coming in June 2019. (It’s currently unknown if paid DLC is part of Bend’s ultimate plans.)

Survival mode will be the biggest test for any Days Gone player. It makes the world even more unforgiving, with more challenges than ever before. The UI will be bare-bones, both in an attempt to make things more immersive and force players to explore this world. To really hammer that point down, this mode will have no fast travel, meaning players will have to trek on foot (or bike) to reach their destinations. There will also be a unique survival elements as part of this mode.

As the update comes months after release, players will have plenty of time to hone their survival skills before the update drops. Even then, players will be in for a challenge.

That’s not all, though. Weekly challenges will also be coming to Days Gone in June. Expect a new Bike, Horde, or Combat Challenge each week to see how skilled you really are. More information is promised on these challenges in the near future.

If you want even more reason to return to Days Gone for these updates, they will come with plenty of rewards. Not only can you acquire new skins for your bike, there will also be new trophies for all trophy hunters to get their hands on. While the base game will already come with a Platinum, who wouldn’t want more trophies to look for?

We’re almost at the release of the next big PlayStation exclusive, with Days Gone releasing on April 26, 2019. However, be on the lookout for our review, which is due right before release.

Are you excited at Days Gone getting free post-launch DLC? Will you be taking on Survival Mode? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]