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Get Final Fantasy XIV’s First Expansion, Heavensward, Free for a Limited Time

Final Fantasy XIV is rapidly heading towards the start of its latest expansion, Shadowbringers. However, Square Enix is offering a little treat for newcomers to the MMO as well. From now until June 27, 2019, anyone who owns the base version Final Fantasy XIV will be able to get the first expansion, Heavensward, for free! While the deal is limited, anyone who takes advantage of it will keep the expansion for good.

Heavensward is the first expansion, releasing shortly after Final Fantasy XIV relaunched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It directly follows the events of the base game, and follows the Warrior of Light as they travel to the war-torn city-state of Ishgard. As with every expansion, it introduces plenty of new content to the game. Not only did it give players the opportunity to play as the new Au Ra race, it also introduced three new classes. With the expansion, you can now make your character a Dark Knight, Astrologian, or Machinist.

This deal also includes the additional content that was introduced to Heavensward via its numerous updates and patches. So, you’ll get the entire second chapter of Final Fantasy XIV, at no cost! Well, you’ll still have to buy the game proper, but you’re getting something for free, at least. For an added incentive, this deal goes hand-in-hand with the recently-announced Free Login Campaign. This allows players with lapsed accounts to return to the world of Final Fantasy XIV for a limited time. Of course, you need to already own the game itself to take part. However, you potentially can both play the MMO free for a week and get Heavensward at no cost!

With the Shadowbringers expansion launching this Summer, this could be just the thing to get new players into Square’s MMO before it releases. That expansion introduces another new race, the Veira, plus the new Gunbreaker class. That’s in addition to the recently-released Blue Mage class, who has the power of mimicry on their side.