BioWare Reaffirms Commitment to Anthem Following Roadmap Delay and Staff Changes

BioWare’s Anthem recently lost some key staff members and saw much of its roadmap delayed in favor of general improvements – developments that have understandably led to fans becoming concerned about the game’s current state and future. However, the studio has reassured players that it’ll continue to support Anthem.

Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson, recent took to Twitter to reiterate where BioWare currently stands.

“We remain 100 percent committed to Anthem and look forward to showing players the new content we are working on,” he tweeted. “We want to make sure we aren’t overpromising, so our updates on what’s coming in the game will be focused when we have things near completion. Along with Ben Irvin and I, we’ve got a big team between Austin and Edmonton focused and motivated for improving the game. We appreciate your support and for being on this journey with us.”

Lead Producer Michael Gamble, who first broke the news of recent staff changes, chimed in to add that there’s been a lot of “incorrect speculation” surrounding Anthem in recent weeks, and that BioWare’s support and commitment “has not changed.”

Apart from Gamble, Anthem has lost Executive Producer Mark Darrah and Game Director Jonathan Warner. While Darrah has reportedly moved on to work on Dragon Age 4, Warner has temporarily stepped away from work as he deals with a family member’s illness.

Following a rocky launch and lukewarm critic reception, Anthem suffered from a number of post-release issues, resulting in criticisms from players and dwindling interest. A damning report by Kotaku that highlighted poor management practices only added to BioWare’s woes. The studio visibly struggled to respond at first, and came under fire for its dismissive attitude towards the report.

We’ll continue to apprise our readers of any developments.

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[Source: Chad Robertson, Michael Gamble, Jonathan Warner (Twitter)]

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