Ben Irving, Chad Robertson Taking Over Anthem

Anthem Loses Key Development Staff Going Forward

Michael Gamble, Lead Producer at BioWare, has confirmed in a tweet that he is no longer working on Anthem. Going forward, Ben Irving, Lead Producer on Anthem, and Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service at BioWare, are the ones to follow, in regards to the game’s future developments.

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer on Anthem and Dragon Age, also said, “We aren’t working on Dragon Age 3. We aren’t working on Dragon Age 5. I guess that’s that.” So it is safe to say (but take it with a grain of salt) that Dragon Age 4 is what’s next for BioWare.

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Anthem‘s post launch situation has been something of a mess lately. Recently, a Reddit user made a survey for Anthem players to take, and the results were not a promising sight. When players were asked, “How much longer do you think you will be playing Anthem on an active scale?” 52.9% of players surveyed answered saying that they would “never” play the game again. Couple this with the fact that Twitch views for Anthem are at an all time low, and it is not difficult to see that the game is not in good shape as of late. Losing some of its key development staff is not going to help the game either.

Anthem has been a sore spot on the gaming community for some time now, whether it was thanks to ridiculous grind or the lack of additional armor sets for players’ in-game Javelins, the game just hasn’t provided fans with that long term experience they were hoping for. When you compare Anthem to a game like Destiny 2, which is also a live service game full of customization, Anthem has definitely missed the mark when it comes to delivering post launch content.

One of the main reasons for Anthem‘s poor post launch situation is the fact that the content roadmap has been delayed in favor of fixing the game first. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help consumers who bought the game and beat everything within a short period of time. Players need a reason to stick around when it comes to online service games, and Anthem has simply been unable to deliver on that front.

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