A Real-Life Version of Deacon’s Bike in Days Gone Was Created in 48 Hours

For those who have been picking away at Days Gone, working tirelessly to upgrade Deacon’s drifter bike, this bit of news is well worth the attention. PlayStation Nordic assembled a team of professionals in Denmark to recreate the drifter bike in real life. The catch? This project had to be completed within a time frame of 48 hours. Based on the video and images shared, it certainly seems as though the project was a success.

From the bike’s crude appearance with many makeshift-looking parts adorning it, the detail is nothing short of astounding. See how Deacon’s bike was brought to life in the video below:

A team of four took on the challenge, all of whom are featured in the video above. Patrick served as project lead. The garage behind the bike’s creation is run by Andreas, the Garage Manager. Rakel is the team’s designer. And Fabian is a mechanic whose expertise lies with welding and the like.

Similar to the bike that Deacon primarily rides in Days Gone, this real-life drifter bike was crafted from an old wreck. This means the team of four had to create something functioning and versatile out of what essentially amounts to junk. Would their work be able to withstand the grueling elements of an apocalyptic Oregon? It definitely looks that way.

For a closer look at the real-life version of Deacon’s trusty metal steed, check out the image gallery below:

Days Gone hit store shelves late in April for the PlayStation 4. Mostly middling reviews kept it from receiving the high praise afforded other PS4 exclusives in recent memory, but that doesn’t seem to have had too much of an impact on its sales performance. Within only a week of its launch, Days Gone soared to the top of the UK’s sales charts,  besting the likes of Mortal Kombat 11.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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