Ash Williams Isn’t in Mortal Kombat 11, According to Bruce Campbell

This isn’t groovy at all. As exciting as the prospect is, it looks like fans won’t be able to play as chainsaw-arm wielding The Evil Dead protagonist Ash Williams in Mortal Kombat 11. The disappointing news comes from none other than Ash’s actor Bruce Campbell himself, who probably knows as much as anyone about the situation.

The news was from Campbell’s Twitter account, who posted a wonderfully meta response, as he quite literally performed a fatality on the rumor:

The rumors started spreading after a supposed leak revealed the roster of DLC fighters. The leak seemed plausible at the time, and the thought of having a character like Ash in Mortal Kombat was almost too good to be true (and apparently is, for now). Ash, with his penchant for humor and a chainsaw for a hand, is fully in-line with the over-the-top violence of Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately, it seems we need to cool our hopes for now. At least he’s playable in Dead by Daylight.

With that said, we now have to wonder what this means on the rest of the characters on the supposed list. It does make you wonder if there’s any legitimacy to it at all now. We won’t discuss those names here, but there were some very exciting characters that were on that list. However, it is possible that “Ash” could be referencing a different character completely, as unlikely as that may be. Of course, this could all be one elaborate ruse, and Ash really is in Mortal Kombat 11. After all, Campbell’s tweet specifically says “Evil Dead’s Ash,” which leaves Army of Darkness’ Ash up for grabs. That would certainly be on-brand, as well. However, if the reported leak does turn out to be untrue, it does leave room for some of the characters on our wishlist to make it through.

Unfortunately, NetherRealm probably has some more pressing matters it has to worry about at the moment. Some serious allegations of studio misconduct have emerged over the past week. With statements that far go beyond the issue of crunch, NetherRealm and owner Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have said they will be investigating these claims.

Are you disappointed that Ash (supposedly) won’t be in Mortal Kombat 11? Let us know!