Save Big on Battlefield V, MLB the Show 19, Devil May Cry 5, and More During This Weekend’s Flash Sale

Sony has been killing it with the PSN deals lately, most recently with the Golden Week Sale and the Ubisoft Sale from earlier this week (which you can still take advantage of). Well, Sony is continuing its momentum with a Flash Sale this weekend featuring 54 discounted titles. Some of the titles available are fairly newer ones, which is kind of a running theme this generation. If you just wait a month or so, you can probably grab some of the newest releases on sale through the PSN via these Flash Sales and other deals.

Let’s jump into some highlights from this weekend’s selection of discounted games. As always, the prices listed are for those in the US, so some of the deals may differ based on your region.

One of the most notable games you can get on sale this weekend is Battlefield V, which is available for $29.99. Half off for one of the prettiest-looking WWII shooters is nothing to scoff at.

Next up, you can save around $20 on Devil May Cry 5, which we adored. The sale has it listed for $40.59, which is absolutely worth it, if for nothing else but the sheer amount of variety in gameplay and exemplary combat.

You can also save on a number of heavy-hitter sports titles like the recently released MLB the Show 19 for $44.99, and various EA titles like NHL 19 for $17.99, FIFA 19 for $17.99, Madden NFL 19 for $14.99 and UFC 3 for 14.99.

And speaking of discounted EA titles, The Sims 4 is down a massive 80% to $7.99, which is one of the lowest prices it’s ever been. Other titles worth mentioning are ONE PIECE World Seeker for $41.99, and Guacamelee! 2 down to just $11.99.

Additional PSN Flash Sale Highlights

  • Moonlighter – $10.99
  • GRIP – $19.99
  • PAW Patrol is on a roll! – $23.99
  • Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls Collection – $19.99
  • Call of Cthulu – $29.99
  • Guacamelee! 2 Complete – $13.49
  • Vampyr – $23.99

There are a few other discounts we didn’t mention either, so check the full listing on the PlayStation Store. Again, you can also take advantage of the Ubisoft Sale going on right now, too. Hurry though! The Flash Sale ends at 8 am Pacific on 5/13, which only gives you a few days to get these deals.

What games will you be picking up this weekend? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Store]