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PlayStation Store Sale Cuts the Price of Numerous Ubisoft Titles in Half

For those who have missed out on a few of Ubisoft’s biggest hits in recent years, there’s a sale on PSN more worth checking out. Dubbed the Ubisoft Publisher Sale, the discounts markdown Ubisoft-published titles from 20% up to 65%. The sale features a variety of bundles, full games, and add-ons. PSN’s Ubisoft Publisher Sale is scheduled to end on May 21, 2019. As with most PSN sales, PS Plus Subscribers get an extra 10% off each discounted item.

It seems no leaf is left unturned, either, as every major Ubisoft series from this console generation is represented in some respect. Even Valiant Hearts: The Great War has been discounted. Players who have yet to explore this charming UbiArt title that tells a harrowing World War I tale can pick it up now for just $7.49, courtesy of its 50 percent price drop.

Of course, the publisher’s heavy-hitters receive steep discounts, as well. For instance, a bundle for the Gold Editions of both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2 is available at a steal for $40. The two most recent Assassin’s Creed entries, Origins and Odyssey, are on sale for about $25 a piece. A franchise bundle for The Division, which includes the original release and the recently launched sequel, has a sale price of $70. Ghost Recon: Wildlands gets some love, too. Most notably, its Ultimate Edition, featuring all of the title’s DLC offerings, has dropped in price from $120 to $48.

Apart from a digital sale on the PlayStation Store, Ubisoft has been in the news of late thanks to a supposed leak concerning a new Assassin’s Creed entry that will launch in 2020. According to the unsubstantiated leak, the next AC title, allegedly named Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok, will take the franchise to the era of Vikings. If true, fans should expect the continued evolution of AC’s RPG elements, further emphasis on exploration, and more.

[Source: US PlayStation Store]