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This Fan Remake of Metal Gear Solid in Dreams Looks Impressive

Thanks to Media Molecule, numerous dream projects (pun intended) are finally being made. This is due to the studio’s latest creation, Dreams, which gives players access to a wide variety of creation tools. While some users are crafting their own original content, others are instead reimagining classic works of art. One creation in Dreams currently gaining a lot of steam is a remake of Metal Gear Solid from TT Games Global Community Manager, Bear Parker. A recent update has Metal Gear fans in a frenzy, as the recreation is nothing short of impressive.

Parker shared a six-minute video on his personal YouTube channel that featured a brief look at the remake in action and an update about its progress. Check the video out below:

While the project seems to be coming along nicely, Parker has made note of a few obstacles. For one, in his original version of the Metal Gear Solid remake, he had difficulty in placing boxes in the levels, since memory had become a massive problem. Media Molecule’s various updates to Dreams has helped alleviate this issue exponentially, but there remain a few wrinkles to iron out.

Parker is also seeking help from the Dreams community. The project would not have gotten this far without the assistance of others, it appears. The sculpting of character models, for instance, is thanks in large part to other members of the community. And he’s still in search of more help from anyone willing and able to lend a hand. Leaving a comment on the video linked above or reaching out to Parker on Twitter seems the best way in which to contact him.

Media Molecule’s Dreams is currently available in Early Access on PlayStation 4 platforms. Early Access costs $29.99. The developer has yet to reveal an official release date for the full experience.