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#WeSayThanks: Join PSLS and Evolve Media in Thanking Essential Workers

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, essential workers on the frontlines have been giving their all to ensure the health and safety of our local communities. As a site (and network) with employees and contractors around the world, PSLS and the Evolve Media network of sites are kicking off the #WeSayThanks campaign, an effort to give thanks, appreciation, and recognition for the essential workers across the globe that are fighting every day. Whether they be medical workers, those in food services, delivery drivers, or even those continuing to bring us entertainment in these trying times, we want to give back.

Additional details will be forthcoming about Evolve’s #WeSayThanks campaign and ways you can help us give back to essential workers on the frontlines of the world-changing COVID-19 pandemic.