Access Red Dead Online Without PlayStation Plus Until May 27th

For a limited time, Rockstar Games will allow non-PS Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 4 to venture into Red Dead Online. The offer is already in effect and will end on May 27, 2019. In addition, “new Early Access content” is on the way, though details and a release date have not yet been revealed. According to a post from Rockstar, this information should soon roll out on the PlayStation Blog.

This is great news for Red Dead Redemption 2 fans on PlayStation 4 who have been unable to participate in online activities due to the PS Plus requirement. It’s also come at the most opportune time, since Rockstar just pulled Red Dead Online out of the beta its been in for the last several months.

Red Dead Online did not merely leave beta, though. Such a change in the online mode’s status came with a huge update, its most massive one yet, in fact. The latest update adds new Free Roam missions, a Showdown Mode, and introduces poker. The latter addition is likely to excite many a Red Dead 2 fan with its public and private options for matches. Smaller tweaks and additions appear in the new update, as well. For instance, the Hostility System has undergone a few improvements, and additional Posse Versus Challenges have been brought into the mix. Players should expect more to come down the road, as Rockstar also plans to add new characters to Red Dead Online in the near future.

Since its launch in late 2018, the Red Dead prequel has remained a topic of discussion, and not just because of the online functionality. News of its remarkably impressive sales numbers continues to garner interest. How could it not? During its opening weekend, it earned approximately $725 million. As of May 2019, Red Dead 2 has sold about 25 million copies worldwide. This momentum seems unlikely to cease anytime soon.

[Source: Rockstar Games via Gamingbolt]