Capcom’s RE Engine Will Be Used With Upcoming Current and Next-Gen Games

The next-generation of consoles is fast-approaching, but Capcom seems to be in a position to make the necessary transition. This is thanks, in part, to the RE Engine, which powered the acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake. According to Capcom, RE Engine’s adaptable qualities make it one of the publisher’s greatest strengths. Capcom’s confidence in the engine is especially worthy of note, since its being used to develop “numerous titles.”

The publisher relayed this information in a Q&A section during its recent earnings report. When questioned about the publisher’s strengths concerning next-generation hardware, Capcom management responded with the following:

The games we developed using the RE Engine during this current hardware generation have received critical acclaim, and from the early stages of building this engine, we kept the ability to augment it for next-generation development in mind; as such, we view the RE Engine as one of our strengths that will contribute to next-generation game creation.

When pressed further about the RE Engine, specifically the games it will power, Capcom merely teased: “While we are unable to comment on the specific number of titles or release windows, there are numerous titles currently being developed internally with the RE Engine.”

Of course, Capcom was not willing to divulge what any these projects are. However, the success of Resident Evil 2’s recent return suggests another remake for the beloved horror series could be a possibility. After all, Capcom has teased such a possibility in the past for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, not long after a producer claimed RE3‘s return could depend upon player demand.

Naturally, a follow-up to Resident Evil 7 serves as another potential title being developed with Capcom’s RE Engine. Similar to Resident Evil 2, the success of RE7, with over six million copies sold, could indicate the publisher will eventually satiate fans with another new entry.

[Source: Capcom via GameSpot]