Metro Exodus Had the Biggest Launch in THQ Nordic’s History

THQ Nordic had a very strong 2019 so far, mostly thanks to the release of Metro Exodus. Not only is it almost single-handedly responsible as a major increase in net sales, it’s become the biggest launch in the history of the THQ Nordic Group. The news was announced in a financial report for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

THQ Nordic earned around 1,630 million Swedish krona in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, which was an increase of a whopping 158%. Deep Silver specifically (which published Metro Exodus) saw net sales of 794 million Swedish krona, again thanks to Metro Exodus.

It looks like THQ Nordic had a strong rebound from the previous fiscal quarter, where the company’s biggest title, Darksiders III, seemed to enter with a whimper. Despite lackluster sales across the board, THQ Nordic did confirmed it performed within expectations, which still isn’t the most ringing endorsement ever.

Metro Exodus, which launched in February 2019, has certainly been a success in a number of ways. It’s received positive reviews at launch, and while it released during an exceptionally crowded period, it managed to make its mark on the consumers, despite not having blockbuster sales.

The newest game in the long-running Metro series continues to have a healthy life, with its expansion pass recently unveiled. It includes two new DLC campaigns that will bring players back to post-apocalyptic Russia. If the statement in the financial report wasn’t enough, it’s very clear that THQ Nordic is happy with 4A games, as the independent developer has singed on to create another game for the publisher. Whether it will be another Metro game or not is unknown, though we likely won’t hear on it for some time.

Despite not being on the level of major publishers like Ubisoft, EA, and Activision, THQ Nordic has an unprecedented 48 unannounced games in development. It has also made a name for its numerous acquisitions, which includes Deep Silver (part of the larger Koch Media). Its most recent acquisition was that of Gothic developer Piranha Bytes.

[Source: THQ Nordic]