BioWare’s Silence on Anthem and Lack of Updates Has Players Worried

BioWare has reassured fans of its commitment to Anthem time and time again but the studio’s silence and lack of consistency has fans worried and…well…upset.

MP1st has pointed out that it’s been almost a month since we’ve seen any activity on Anthem‘s social media accounts, almost a month since the game received a major update (smaller hot fixes have been rolled out), almost a month since any significant developer activity in the Anthem subreddit, and almost a month since BioWare assuaged concerns about roadmap delays and staff changes.

Anthem‘s subreddit is currently full of players upset over BioWare’s silence, especially since the studio promised transparency and effective communication (Anthem happens to be a live service game, after all).

Some players have resorted to submitting complaints with the Better Business Bureau, others are discussing filing lawsuits for fraud.

“What’s your favorite moment since the past update?” wrote user DeltaIn3D. “Mine is when most of the content in the Act 1 roadmap still hasn’t been mentioned by any developers, such as Mastery Levels, the Cataclysm, more Legendary Missions, and Weekly Stronghold Challenges. To June!”

“I get it if you don’t want to talk about features that aren’t ready but that doesn’t mean that you can vanish until something is ready,” added user DeathWatch85. “Anthem is supposed to be a live service but you can’t even keep communication with your own community live.”

Some users even opined that Bethesda did a better job managing Fallout 76‘s community than BioWare did with Anthem.

Worth noting that E3 2019 is around the corner and publisher Electronic Arts will return with its EA Play event this year so it’s possible that BioWare is holding out until June 7th, when the action kicks off.

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