World War Z’s First Free DLC Pack Will Drop in Early June

The first batch of World War Z DLC will be coming for you soon. Saber Interactive has announced the release of the first part of the World War Z roadmap will be dropping on June 3, 2019. Free for all players, it will not only bring survivors back to Tokyo, but also includes some fearsome new gameplay elements.

The DLC was originally set to release in May 2019, though obviously it’s been delayed a little bit. However, it looks to be worth the wait, as it will bring plenty of new terrors to the world of World War Z. The biggest addition in this DLC pack is an all new mission, which will take players back to Tokyo for reasons currently unknown. While we haven’t gotten a good look at this assignment yet, it will surely present players with even more haunts than before. A new type of zombie will also be introduced, though, again, we don’t know quite what makes it tick quite yet.

However, some more gameplay-based additions will also be coming with this June update. A field of view slider is part of this DLC. While we’re not quite sure how it operates, being able to change the field of view in World War Z does have the potential to make things either less or more frightening, depending on how you want to experience this universe. Finally, private lobbies will finally be coming to World War Z. Letting players choose who they want to fight zombies with is a huge change, as there’s nothing better than killing the undead with friends.

It will be the first major content update to come to World War Z following its release. The original roadmap mentioned content drops planned for June and July, as well, though it’s unknown if the delay of the first update will impact the other two. In addition, the announcement mentions that June 3rd is a “planned release date,” so it’s possible this could change.

Originally released in April 2019, World War Z has been a smash right out the gate, racking up massive sales numbers in short order. While we had a more mixed review, it certainly has caught on with fans, and the consistent content drops should keep fans sucked in for a while.

[Source: Twitter]