Obsidian Is Teasing an E3 2019 Surprise for The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds‘ February 2019 cover story in Game Informer shed plenty of light about what Obsidian Entertainment has planned for the scif-fi title. However, fans have not gotten a look at new footage in several months. That’s likely to change in the coming weeks. Apparently, the developer will show off something fresh during E3 2019.

This was confirmed in a recent post from The Outer Worlds‘ official Twitter account. Of course, what will be revealed is currently being kept under wraps. See the tweet below:

The information most are probably looking forward to concerns the still unannounced release date for The Outer Worlds. A reported leak on Steam Database suggests Obsidian’s latest RPG may hit store shelves as early as August 6th of this year. Presently, neither Obsidian nor publisher Private Division have corroborated the leak’s claim.

Since its world premiere during The Game Awards 2018, a bevy of details have been unleashed about The Outer Worlds. For one, Obsidian developers were quick to confirm the title will not feature microtransations. Interestingly, it may be possible to play through the game in its entirety without ever taking a life. The Outer Worlds will offer players plenty of choice in other ways, as well. How to deal with companions serves as but on example. Unsurprisingly, the various decisions will affect how long a player spends in the world. Some may complete Obsidian’s newest experience in 15 hours, while another explores The Outer Worlds for upwards of 40 hours.

Though The Outer Worlds lacks an official release date, the RPG is confirmed to launch sometime this year across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: The Outer Worlds on Twitter]