Watch the Call of Duty 2019 Reveal Live Right Here

Today’s the day that we can finally put some of the rumors to bed. Call of Duty 2019 is being revealed and you can watch it live right here. Will it be the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot that seems to have leaked? Modern Warfare 4? Or is it something else entirely? We know this year is Infinity Ward’s turn to make a Call of Duty game, and whatever they have planned to push the series forward will be revealed shortly.

The reveal kicks off at 10 am PST/1 pm EST.

Call of Duty 2019 Reveal Stream

There have been plenty of rumors floating around about what the next Call of Duty might be, and right now the strongest one seems to indicate that Infinity Ward is returning to Modern Warfare, though perhaps not as we might expect them to. It was reported earlier this year that many of the biggest names that worked on the original Modern Warfare had returned to Infinity Ward, further fueling speculation that the company was indeed rekindling the fire of the sub-franchise.

At first, many people thought this meant a sequel to Modern Warfare 3 was coming, with Modern Warfare 4, but a more recent rumor says that might not be the case. One rumor even says that Activision is considering changing up the monetization model with this game, considering possible free-to-play elements as a part of the game. Whether that’s something we’ll see today with the initial reveal or that will be shown down the line remains to be seen.

What do you want to see in today’s Call of Duty 2019 reveal? Do you hope it’s another Modern Warfare entry? Do you want to see a campaign or the multiplayer reveal? Do you think Infinity Ward will change up the formula or keep things relatively the same as they’ve always been? Let us know in the comments below, and chat with everyone as we watch the Call of Duty 2019 reveal together.