Modern Warfare 4 Seems Even More Likely as 5 Former Infinity Ward Devs Join the Modern Warfare Studio

We’ve reported on several potential Modern Warfare 4 leaks over the past few weeks, and it seems likely it will be the next game in the blockbuster Call of Duty series. Whether it’s a cheeky tweet from a former developer or an alleged event at which football players got to try it early, there is certainly a slew of evidence to support it. Now. even more signs point to the rumored game, as five former Infinity Ward developers are back with the Modern Warfare studio.

As reported by GameSpot, these developers have updated their LinkedIn profiles to show that they’re back with Infinity Ward. Now, this doesn’t necessarily confirm anything, but it’s certainly more evidence to support the potential release of Modern Warfare 4.

Going down the list of developers making their return are many notable faces. Zied Rieke, the who founded Infinity Ward, but left after the release of Modern Warfare 3, is one. Studio art director Joel Emslie, multiplayer design director Geoff Smith, animation director Mark Grigsby, and game designer Alex Roycewicz will also be making their return to the studio, all of which have an important past while working at Infinity Ward. These designers not only had an impact on Modern Warfare, but on the series as a whole.

You can thank Roycewicz and Smith for their design work on some of Modern Warfare’s most popular maps, such as Overgrown (my personal favorite) and Wetwork. Additionally, Grigsby is responsible for the memorable knife melee attack that is still around today. Emslie designed the iconic ghillie suit and Ghost character from the Modern Warfare games.

Seeing as how it’s Infinity Ward’s turn this year, assuming the trio of developers are continuing their three-year cycle, it would make sense that the studio would jump back into familiar territory with the Modern Warfare series. Next to Black Ops, it’s one of the most popular Call of Duty sub-series, and Activision would probably want to capitalize on “safe” sales before jumping into the next generation.

Again, we will have to hear from Activision to ge confirmation on what the next game is, but at this point, it would be surprising if it wasn’t Modern Warfare 4.

[Source: GameSpot]