PSA: PlayStation Plus Price Increases Being Reported in Europe and Japan

Sony appears to be raising the price of PlayStation Plus memberships in certain parts of the world. Members in countries like Japan, Germany, France, and more have reported receiving emails detailing upcoming price changes. The increases will go into effect on August 1, 2019, though the changes don’t appear to be consistent across regions.

In Japan, the prices for one- and three-month subscriptions will be raising to 850 yen and 2150 yen, respectively. However, a yearly subscription apparently is keeping the same price of 5143 yen.

In Europe, price changes will hit France, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. In the two countries that utilize the Euro (that would be France and Germany), only a one-month membership will get a price increase. One month will now cost 8.99€, while three and twelve months will remain the same.

In Sweden and Switzerland, however, all membership tiers will get a price increase. Here are all of the new prices:

  • Sweden
    • 1 month – 95.00 kr (up from 75.00 kr)
    • 3 months – 260.00 kr (up from 235.00 kr)
    • 1 year – 620.00 kr (up from 575.00 kr)
  • Switzerland
    • 1 month – 9.90 CHF (up from 7.90 CHF)
    • 3 months – 27.90 CHF (up from 24.90 CHF)
    • 1 year – 69.90 CHF (up from 59.90 CHF)

Currently, no other countries have announced price changes, but it’s entirely possible we could see more increases in the near future. There’s been no word on price increases in major territories like North America and the United Kingdom, but we’ll be sure to let you know if that happens.

While price changes may be expected with subscription services like this, these ones come at a time where many are questioning the value of PS Plus. Ever since the service removed free PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles, plenty have wondered whether only offering two games a month makes the service worthwhile. Even with major changes to the service, like cross-play and ID changes, a price increase like this may be too much for some. Of course, with the PlayStation 5 on its way, this could be Sony preparing for its newest console.

Are you a fan of these changes? Let us know!

[Source: PSNProfiles]