Anthem Players Say the Cataclysm Event Isn’t What They Were Promised

Anthem‘s troubles since its rocky launch don’t seem to be subsiding, and BioWare’s recent reveal of the much-awaited Cataclysm event isn’t helping matters.

Starting mid July, the eight-week event will kick off with two weeks of “pre events,” following which players will have six weeks to partake in the actual event. BioWare previously described Cataclysm as Anthem‘s “most ambitious and challenging content” that will alter the game’s world but it looks like it’ll now be confined to a small standalone region.

However, Cataclysm does sound like fun from what BioWare unveiled in its recent livestream. During the event, players will be tasked with eliminating as many enemies as possible before the in-game timer runs out. To add a competitive element, a leaderboard will be introduced that will track all the top achievers and their scores.

Cataclysm will alter the game’s graphics, and add a serious stormy effect to the map. Increased exposure to the Cataclysm can damage players, requiring them to seek refuge in safe zones. The main objective is to defeat Vara, the leader of the faction that triggers the catastrophe following the events of the main game.

Players can earn currency during the event to purchase war chests that come with special rotating loot, including new weapons and armor.

Considering Cataclysm was touted as Anthem‘s most ambitious content, players seem underwhelmed by what’s been revealed. Additionally, BioWare remained mum on some of the biggest issues plaguing the game, including loot drops. Players are worried about the implications this may have on future events.

BioWare hasn’t announced a release date for Cataclysm but we’ll keep our readers posted. The developer has now revised Anthem‘s road map to remove time frames and references to specific future content.

[Source: Reddit]

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