Shenmue III Pushed to a Late 2019 Release Date to Become More Refined

Shenmue fans will have to wait a little while longer to experience the franchise’s next chapter. In an update to Shenmue III’s Kickstarter page, Game Director Yu Suzuki and publisher Deep Silver revealed the date has been pushed from its August 27, 2019 launch. The title will now release later in the year on November 19th for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

According to Yu Suzuki and Deep Silver, this short delay will ensure the development team gets enough time to add “a little more refinement” to Shenmue III. The statement concerning the delay closed with the following: “We feel that the extra time we have will help us deliver the true Shenmue experience players around the world deserve! We thank you for your patience and understanding.” Developers are offering no further updates at this time.

This counts as Shenmue III’s third delay. It was initially scheduled for a 2017 launch, then pushed to an unspecified date in the second half of 2018. Prior to E3 2018, the franchise’s third entry was delayed to 2019, eventually receiving the August 27th date noted above. With Suzuki’s and Deep Silver’s promise that the game is “almost ready,” perhaps fans will indeed begin exploring the next Shenmue adventure this November.

The upcoming new installment in the Shenmue series will continue the story of protagonist Ryo Hazuki, as his search for the truth about his father’s death persists. However, this impending chapter will not serve as the franchise’s last, according to Suzuki. During an interview in early 2018, Suzuki explained that ending the story at the third entry is inconceivable. Thus, Shenmue III will indeed close in a manner that leaves the narrative open to the possibility of another sequel. Hopefully, the wait for the fourth game won’t be as long as the wait for Shenmue III.

Preorders are currently live for the Shenmue III’s PS4 and PC versions.

[Source: Shenmue III’s Kickstarter]