The Team at Platinum Games Threw an Internet Party to Celebrate NieR: Automata’s Recent Sales Milestone

About halfway through May, Platinum Games revealed that NieR: Automata, now past its second birthday, has surpassed 4 million sales. That’s a huge deal for a game like this of course, which was a surprise hit practically overnight when it was released. Earlier today, Platinum Games updated its website blog with a celebration of sorts, thanking the fans for their support and more kinds of heartwarming video game-y goodness.

The coolest thing about the blog post is that it comprises several comments from staff at Platinum Games, people who worked on NieR: Automata we don’t normally hear from. People included in the list of comments include lighting, environment, and UI artists, programmers, designers, a character modeler, and more. Some of the artists even included new pieces of art with their comments, such as the one pictured above from artist Tomoko Nishii.

All of the comments are great, ranging from people who barely touched the game, to game designer Takahisa Taura. Taura’s comment in particular is quite touching:

“To think that YOKO TARO, whom I was so close with, is now the Four Million Sales Man… It’s taken him so far away from us. So I feel happiness, but also loneliness, raging in my heart. Sincerest congratulations to him, and nothing but utmost gratitude to all of the people who played NieR:Automata. I truly, truly thank you.”

Speaking of Taura, the blog post is accompanied by a video message from he and Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya, who needs no introduction. Kamiya is really only there to be Kamiya (he wasn’t really involved with NieR: Automata), but the video is a hoot and worth watching:

In the mood to celebrate NieR: Automata along with Platinum? You can always check out one of the novels, which are published in English by Viz. Or, you can look forward to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, which will featureNieR crossover raid scenario that director Yoko Taro was directly involved with.

Source: Platinum Games

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