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Watch Dogs: Legion May Not Allow Full Pacifist Runs

One of the best presentations during E3 2019 was Ubisoft’s gameplay demonstration of Watch Dogs: Legion. Instead of focusing on a single character, Legion will allow players to recruit and control any character they find around post-Brexit London. (Shout out to Helen!) Each character will have their own abilities and strengths, leading many to wonder if it would be possible to recruit an army of non-violent activists. Well, it turns out that Watch Dogs: Legion‘s gameplay may not allow for a completely non-lethal playthrough.

Legion‘s Creative Director, Clint Hocking, spoke to Greysun Morales at Twinfinite about the team’s desire to include a robust combat system, and if that will allow enemies to be neutralized without their blood being split. Hocking explained that his team wants to “make sure that non-lethal was an option in any combat encounter.” On the subject of completing a non-lethal run of Watch Dogs: Legion, he said,

I’m not going to say it was a goal for us to say that players can beat the game without killing anyone –maybe you can, I actually don’t know. It’s not a goal for us; the goal was to make sure we have robust non-lethal options for players.

Maybe this could mean that, while regular encounters with your run-of-the-mill street thugs can be handled without killing them, there might be certain characters whose deaths are planned. Maybe there could be instances where several members of your Dead-Sec crew will be on a mission, but you cannot have them to take a less violent approach.

Even if you can’t complete the entire game without killing a single person, Hocking did mention that the team “really focused on having non-lethal weapons this time around,” and that “about half of the weapons are non-lethal.” So, you may be able to knock out most enemies, just perhaps not all of them.

We want to know your thoughts on this. Are you bothered that you can’t resolve your differences with the London overlords peacefully? Would you rather kick their doors in, guns a blazing? We will find out what the minimum death toll will be when Watch Dogs: Legion releases on March 6th, 2020.

[Source: Twinfinte]