Upcoming PUBG Console Patch Will Add Weapon Mastery System

PUBG Corporation has announced that it’ll be releasing a console patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on June 27, 2019, which will add various community requested features including a tactical marker communications system and the Weapon Mastery system.

Official details are as follows:

  • Weapon Mastery
    • New progression feature in PUBG with unique, awesome, and free rewards
    • New avenue for players to improve their weapon skills
  • Tactical Marker
    • The map now has six marker options to choose from depending on the situation
  • Second Erangel Loot Spawn Rebalance
    • Increased spawn rate of AR, DMR and SR
    • The featured map will be changed to Erangel from Sanhok with the June Update
  • Vikendi Loot Spawn Rebalance
    • Blue Zone adjustment
    • Increased spawn rate of AR, DMR and SR (especially SR)
  • Auto Equip Attachments
    • We understand that handling attachments with the controller can sometimes be difficult and players would sometimes avoid early combat due to having insufficient time to equip attachments
    • To solve for this, we created an auto equip attachment feature to reduce time when equipping needed attachments. Less time in your inventory means more time for battle!
  • Controller Preset C
    • Like the above auto equip feature, we are focusing on improving overall player experience during battles
    • On the controller, leaning is configured to thumbsticks and we understand it can sometimes affect your movement and aim
    • Controller Preset C moves the bindings of leaning from the thumbsticks to the bumper buttons, as well as making a number of other suggested changes. More details coming soon!

Full patch notes will be released in due course so stay tuned.

Don’t forget that you have until Tuesday, June 18th, to partake in the console Secret Agent Community Event for a chance to win a 5 Levels ticket. Simply complete your very own secret in-game mission and share a screenshot or video with a description on Twitter using the hashtag #PUBGSecretAgent.

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[Source: PUBG]