Here’s When You Can Take Part in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers’ First Raid

A new Final Fantasy XIV expansion means new raids, and Shadowbringers won’t be disappointing in that regard. Square Enix has recently laid out the post-release plans for Shadowbringers, and that includes the all new “Eden” raid. While the raid doesn’t go live until July 16, 2019, there will surely be plenty already available to keep you occupied until then. It’ll also give you enough time to form your party.

June 16th is when Shadowbringers’ first patch goes live, and it will bring the new raid with it. Will you and your party be able to conquer the challenges it brings? You better hope you can, as the real challenge will come two weeks later on July 30th. That’s when 5.05 patch will be released, introducing the Eden’s raid savage difficulty. If the normal difficulty didn’t pose enough of a challenge for you and your comrades, this one surely will.

However, the savage difficulty is only one of the aspects introduced in the 5.05 patch. A brand new treasure map called Lyhe Ghiahl will arrive, giving the Hero of Light (or rather, Hero of Darkness) yet another opportunity to gain riches. The newest Allagan tombstone of Phantasmagoria will also be introduced in the update. While it’s not part of this update, Shadowbringers will also see a special NieR: Automata-themed alliance raid in the future. The expansion will also bring a number of new dungeons with it.

Shadowbringers is set to introduce a number of changes to Final Fantasy XIV. The most high-profile additions are the new job classes (Dancer and Gunbreaker), as well as two new playable races (Hrothgar and Viera). We recently had the chance to test out this new expansion, which you can read about right here. We also got to talk to producer Naoki Yoshida about the upcoming expansion. If you’ve been interested in trying out Final Fantasy XIV before the expansion releases, you can get the first expansion, Heavensward, free for a limited time.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers will release on July 2, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.