Step Into the Shoes of Earth’s Last Astronaut in Deliver Us The Moon in 2019

Developer KeokeN Interactive is joining forces with publisher Wired Productions (who handled Close to the Sun) to bring Deliver Us The Moon to consoles. The title, which originally launched on PCs in September 2018, will come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on an unspecified date in 2019. A cost for Deliver Us The Moon on consoles remains under wraps, though it is more than likely to match the Steam price of $19.99.

KeokeN Interactive announced this news on Deliver Us The Moon’s official Twitter page. See the post with a brief trailer attached in the tweet featured below:

The console release will include Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna and the Tombaugh DLC expansion, the latter of which has not yet launched on PC. This free update will expand the narrative of Fortuna, as the core experience ended, to the dismay of players apparently, on a dissatisfying cliffhanger.

Deliver Us The Moon takes place in the near future. With the Earth’s natural resources exhausted, desperation with regards to the energy crisis has reached an all-time high. Consequently, the world powers unite, organizing the World Space Agency in an effort to retrieve valuable energy resources from the surface of the moon.

For a time, all seems to work in humanity’s favor, until Earth loses contact with those who left to colonize the moon. Years after the mysterious incident, Earth gives it one final push, sending the last astronaut to investigate the happenings and hopefully return with answers that may save humanity once and for all.

[Source: Deliver the Moon on Twitter, Gematsu]