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Console Players Will Have to Wait Longer for Deliver Us The Moon’s Release

Wired Productions and KeokeN Interactive recently announced plans to bring Delivers Us The Moon to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019. Yet, it seems there has been a setback. While the title’s Steam release is currently scheduled for October 10th, console players won’t get to step into the shoes of Earth’s last astronaut until sometime in 2020. No reason for the delay has been announced.

At least there is a cool new gameplay trailer, though. Check it out in the video linked down below:

When the PS4 and Xbox One versions eventually launch, they will include Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna and the Tombaugh DLC expansion. The latter is a free update meant to expand upon Fortuna’s narrative. This particular bit of downloadable content was developed to address the way in which the game’s core story concluded, which left players with an apparently disappointing cliffhanger.

Deliver Us The Moon’s set in a near future reality where most of the Earth’s natural resources are completely depleted. Unsurprisingly, desperation settles in as the energy crisis shows no sign of letting up. To circumvent further damage, the world’s powers join forces to establish the World Space Agency. The ambitious organization’s key goal is to gather as many energy resources as possible from the moon’s surface.

Efforts from the World Space Agency’s exhibitions work wonders for humanity, but all isn’t swell. During one exhibition, Earth loses contact with a group who’d been trying to colonize the moon. Years go by, and finally the world’s powers decide to give it one more shot. Earth’s last astronaut is sent to investigate what befell the colonizers. Might this be a fruitful effort, or will Earth’s last chance at survival also become lost to the unknown in space?

[Source: Wired Productions via Gematsu]