This Fan-Made LEGO Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect Even Has Detailed Interiors

Will LEGO ever offer a Mass Effect LEGO set? It seems pretty unlikely for now. However, one fan is making the dream come true for themselves. Redditor SonOfRevvan recently posted photos of their custom Normandy SR2 ship and it’s divine. Truly. There’s even interior designs befitting Commander Shepard’s ship and a few custom minifigs to boot, the latter of which were created using stickers.

According to SonOfRevvan, the Normandy SR2 model spans approximately four feet in length. Not so surprisingly, it’s made up of several thousand LEGO pieces. Based on posts to the Redditor’s imgur page, which features a multitude of images of both the ship’s exterior and interior, this project has been in the works for quite a few months. Given the immense detail, there is absolutely no need to wonder why.

The aforementioned interior areas are especially worthy of applause. Joker can be spotted in the model’s cockpit. In addition, there exists space on the LEGO Normandy for the Combat Information Center, the ship’s Med Bay, Weapons Locker, the War Room, whichever space Garrus uses for his supposed “calibrations,” and much more. Evidenced by the image below, SonOfRevvan even made room for Tali to sit at a bar and ponder the many wonders of straws emergency induction ports. Yes, we are talking that level of detail.

lego normandy sr2

Maybe there will come a time when LEGO releases officially licensed sets for the Mass Effect series. After all, despite the many shortcomings of 2017’s Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare has hinted that the franchise is not dead just yet. Should the series return, there is currently no word on which direction the developer will take the narrative. However, Executive Producer at BioWare Mark Darrah noted in the past that a potential future Mass Effect could either evolve from the stories featured in Mass Effect 3, or those explored in Andromeda.

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