Crytek’s Competitive Bounty Hunting Title Hunt: Showdown Will Come to the PS4 This Fall

Crytek’s first-person competitive shooter, Hunt: Showdown, will soon leave its early access phase on PC and Xbox One. In doing so, the game will receive a full launch for the PC and Xbox One this summer on August 27th for the price of $39.99. The multiplayer title is set to release on the PlayStation 4 on an unspecified date this fall. Crytek also intends to launch a physical version of the game at retail, with the help of publisher Koch Media.

Hunt: Showdown entered Steam Early Access in February 2018; the bounty hunting title hit Xbox Game Preview on the Xbox One in May 2019. Since the February 2018 roll out, Crytek has continuously updated the online experience, launching nearly 20 patches over the 16-month time frame. To thank its dedicated community of players, the studio will reward early access participants with an “exclusive legendary weapon skin.”

The community that’s grown within the early access phase has served an exceedingly significant role in Crytek’s development process. This is according to the game’s Lead Producer, Fatih Özbayram, who noted the following in a press release concerning the release date news,

Developing a game alongside such a passionate community has been so rewarding. It has taken us in new directions and really inspired us to put everything we have into Hunt. Now the time has come for the full release, and we couldn’t be more excited. We won’t forget the support this community has given us.

In Hunt: Showdown, 10 players are pit against one another in either solo play or teams of two. A variety of both combat and survival mechanics are employed, as players must explore Louisiana swamps in search of their bounty–terrifying swamp creatures. As a match-based game, the Crysis studio’s Hunt: Showdown combines aspects of PvP and PvE play, all to deliver a unique multiplayer experience.