A Spider-Man PS4 Nod in Far From Home Caused Insomniac Games to Burst Into Applause

During a showing of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the developer of the hit PS4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man, burst into applause after noticing a reference to the game. Several team members from Insomniac Games were thrilled to see a nod toward Marvel’s Spider-Man in the latest MCU adventure.

Without getting into spoiler territory, the Easter egg is something you might have missed if you aren’t familiar with the PS4 title. In the game, you have access to a photo mode. You can freeze the game to take pictures with various filters, lighting effects, and other elements.

At the end of the Far From Home, Spidey can be seen swinging around the city. There’s a moment in which he whips out his phone, throws up a peace sign, and takes a selfie in front of some buildings. You can see the reference to one of the game’s famous promotional images here.

Spider Man Far From Home Easter Egg

It is a nod to the game and was so noticeable to Insomniac that many of them started clapping after seeing it. A tweet from one of the game’s writers, Mary Kenney can be seen below:

The PS4 video game and the MCU film are totally separate and aren’t tied to one another in terms of continuity. Still, Marvel’s Spider-Man has received various updates that include all of the MCU Spider-Man costumes ranging from Homecoming and Far From Home. The game also includes the famous Sam Rami Spider-Man suit from the films that starred Toby McGuire back in the early-to-mid 2000s.

Because of the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the community is eager to see what else Insomniac Games brings to the table in the form of a followup. While nothing has been confirmed for a sequel, it’s very likely that the developer is at least thinking about a continuation, possibly for PS5.

We’ll let you know as soon as we find out more about what’s next for the web-head. For now, you can catch Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters and be sure to look out for that Easter Egg at the end!

[Source: Game Revolution]