It Seems a Red Dead Online Player Has Stumbled Across a Snow Ghost

Stumbling across a paranormal occurrence in Red Dead Redemption isn’t exactly strange. Sure, the supernatural itself is odd, but many players find these secrets throughout the game world. In fact, Red Dead Redemption 2 alone features its fair share of the supernatural, like to UFO sightings, the Nite Folk, and swamp ghosts. It appears another paranormal oddity can be added to the list. A Red Dead Online players seems to have found a snow ghost in an area near Colter.

Redditor TheCodeWhistler59 captured footage of the ghostly apparition while exploring. It happened during daylight hours, so thanks to the ground being covered with snow, the Reddit user was able to spot something invisible moving away from them. Could it have actually been a ghost or might a glitch of some sort explain the mysterious happenings?

Judge for yourself by checking out the footage below:

Didn’t know ghosts live near colter. from reddeadredemption

Whether ghost, glitch, or a wild animal conveniently concealed by the deep snow, it’s an interesting encounter. These are indeed part of the fun of Red Dead Redemption, especially when sharing stories with others who have played.

And make no mistake, plenty of people have played RDR2 already. As of May 2019, sales of the prequel had moved over 24 million units worldwide. The sales figure could be well past this milestone by now. In February 2019 the count sat at over 23 million units sold, meaning another one million copies were purchased between then and May.

Rockstar Games has been working to ensure more players stick around past completing the story campaign, too. Since launching in November with a beta, Red Dead Online has continuously received updates both large and small. For now, it’s unclear as to whether it will have the longevity of GTA Online. At the very least, however, Take-Two reported Red Dead Online’s launch was stronger than that of GTA Online’s.

[Source: Reddit via Game Rant]