Embrace the Nightmare With Infliction’s Console Debut

Ready to explore the horrors of psychological trauma? Infliction will allow horror fans to do just that when it comes to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One later this year. The title from developer Caustic Reality and publisher Blowfish Studios lacks a set release date, but is expected to arrive in at least 2019’s final three months. Like the Steam release, which hit the platform in October 2018, Infliction will cost $19.99 on consoles.

From the looks of the game’s console announcement trailer, Infliction has a fair share of P.T. and Outlast undertones. Check it out below:

With Caustic Reality’s Infliction, psychological horror is the name of the game. This interactive nightmare takes place in a typical suburban home that’s fallen to atypical circumstances. While exploring the abandoned house, players will stumble across stories via newspaper clippings, notes, voicemail messages, and other means of environmental storytelling. Each of the embedded narratives will add a piece to the puzzle, an explanation as to what happened in the home and why the player character was led there.

Infliction does not just offer a scary mystery and environment to explore. There’s much more nestled within the overall experience. Something sinister resides in the abandoned house, “a being of infinite grief and rage,” according to the horror title’s overview on Steam. The being’s restlessness will ensure players remain on edge, as it stalks, waits for the perfect opportunity to make itself known.

Terror lies elsewhere, as well. While players busy themselves with searching for clues and fending off a seemingly demonic force, the house itself will begin to twist and bend, warping reality to further compound the psychological manipulation.

Blowfish and Caustic Reality will have a playable version of the console iteration on display at PAX West 2019, which kicks off in Seattle, Washington on August 30th and ends on September 2nd.

[Source: Blowfish Studios via Gematsu]