This Final Fantasy IX Tribute Album From Materia Collective Features 63 Songs

Eidolon: Music From Final Fantasy IX, a new tribute album from Materia Collective is available now. It features a total of 63 different tracks recreated from the game’s iconic music and can be purchased or streamed on Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, TIDAL, Apple Music, and the iTunes Store. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy music in general or more specifically love Final Fantasy IX, this one should have you covered! The album includes artists like Jordan Chin from Pattern: An Homage to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Andrew Filipski from Mobius: Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed, Dean Nguyen from Omega: A Tribute to Xenogears, and SonikBuster from Successor: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed.

The entire track list is as follows:

  1. “Sure Assault of the Silver Dragons
  2. “Memoria Chronicles
  3. Memories Erased by a Storm
  4. Sky of Alexandria
  5. Dance of the Black Mage (Vivi’s Theme)
  6. Find the Princess (feat. Sharon Gulla)
  7. Rag Jesters
  8. Steiner’s Theme
  9. Vamo’ Alla Flamenco: A Song To Impress Nobles (feat. Darby Cupit)
  10. Sword of Fury
  11. Danger in the Forest (feat. Andrew Dunn)
  12. Terra (feat. Kristin Naigus & Ian Harshman)
  13. Run?? (feat. Joel Everett)
  14. Battle 1
  15. Over The Hill
  16. Village of Dali, for Jazz Band (feat. Hey, Listen!)
  17. Waltzing Out of the Frying Pan
  18. Quina’s Theme
  19. Zidane’s Theme – Ocarina Septet
  20. Barbershop de Chocobo
  21. This is My Chance
  22. Battle At the South Gate
  23. Song of Memories
  24. Dragon’s Oath
  25. An Immoral Tragedy
  26. Battle 2: Triple Concerto (feat. Patti Rudisill)
  27. Another Rainy Day in Burmecia
  28. Treno – The City that Never Sleeps
  29. The Final Battle
  30. Gargan Roo
  31. Eternal Duel
  32. THE ROSE OF MAY: A Rock Opera
  33. Heaven’s Distress
  34. You’re Not Alone Cowboy (feat. insaneintherainmusic)
  35. Black Mages at the Black Mage Village
  36. Stir Fry (feat. zykO)
  37. Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life (feat. Ronin Op F)
  38. Memories Erased by a Storm (feat. Purpleschala)
  39. Court Jesters
  40. Moogle Theme
  41. Unrequited Love (Eiko’s Letter)
  42. Vamo Alla Baroco
  43. Mount Gulug
  44. Hilda Garde IV
  45. Mysteries Of The Marsh
  46. Hunter’s Chance (feat. Enrico Deiana)
  47. Let’s Get Down and Boogie This Battle
  48. March of the Soulless
  49. Chillin’ in Esto Gaza
  50. Terra
  51. A Place to Call Home: Pavan and Galliard
  52. Find the Light
  53. Ballad of Seasons: Eternal Harvest
  54. Steiner’s Delusion
  55. Aboard the Hilda Garde
  56. Not Alone
  57. The Darkness of Eternity
  58. Village of Dali, for String Orchestra
  59. Melodies of Life
  60. I Want to Be Your Canary, Scene 1: A Midnight Meeting
  61. I Want to Be Your Canary, Scene 2: Blank’s Betrayal
  62. I Want to Be Your Canary, Scene 3 – Marcus’s Prayer
  63. I Want to Be Your Canary, Scene 4: An Unexpected Reunion

In other Final Fantasy IX, a long running glitch which would cause the game’s background music to restart after each random encounter was fixed.

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy IX? Will you be checking out this 63-track tribute album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: Materia CollectiveGoogle Play]