The PlayStation Classics: Final Fantasy IX

Melodies of Life

Final Fantasy IX is a throwback to the early installments of the series, where every character had a designated “job” and everything took place in a fantasy world where crystals were king. It promoted whimsy over realistic characters. It was a chance to go back, and people loved the throwback.

The story begins with a thief named Zidane and a black mage named Vivi. Vivi is a mysterious child who doesn’t seem to know much about his origins, but has powerful magical abilities. Zidane seems to be a normal human, but has a tale. When Tantalus, Zidane’s group of thieves that pretends to be a group of performers, gets into the nation of Alexandria’s palace, Zidane prepares to abduct princess Garnet. However, Garnet’s already staging her own escape, due to her mother behaving strangely. A ragtag group forms, and eventually everyone heads off to save the world in a JRPG with the sorts of turn-based battles, magical spells, and summons you expect from a Final Fantasy installment.

What Are the Differences Between the PSOne Classic and PS4 Final Fantasy IX Versions?

So, this is really a throwaway question, but we’re going to go over it anyway! After all, you need to know when there are two versions available. If you head to the PlayStation Store, you’ll find Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy IX Digital Edition. What are the differences between the two?

Well, for starters, Final Fantasy IX is just a download of the original game. It works on your PS3, PSP, or Vita. It is very rudimentary, with nothing changed beyond being digital, portable, and not requiring a memory card.

Final Fantasy XI Digital Edition is the PlayStation 4 version. It is slightly remastered, which means there are new character portraits, the UI and font have been changed a bit, and it generally looks a little smoother and sharper than it did originally. There are quality of life changes, like Tetra Master NPC players having cards over their heads. You can acquire trophies, which some people might like. There are also some cheats in the pause menu that can be activated to speed things up literally and figuratively. In short, people may find it a little more convenient.

Adding to the Layers of Harmony

Classic is the perfect word to describe Final Fantasy IX. It is a classic JRPG. It is designed to make people feel all nostalgic and remember the early days of Final Fantasy. It also feels as good to play now as it did in 2000. It is $9.99 on the North American PlayStation Store for the PSOne Classic version you can play on a PS3, PSP, or Vita. In Europe, you can get it for £7.99. Final Fantasy IX Digital Edition for the PS4 is $20.99/£16.99, for those with a PSP or Vita.

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