New PlayStation Gear Store Merch Includes God of War and Death Stranding Items

After a relatively short hiatus, the PlayStation Gear Store returned earlier this year and has been in full swing since then. Now a brand-new selection of items is being added to the online storefront. The new additions include PlayStation-centric merchandise such as shirts, hats, windbreakers, tank tops, a wakeboard, and much more. Additional God of War and Death Stranding items are also now available for purchase.

Brand Licensing Manager Gerardo Riba announced details concerning the new selection of merch via a post on the PlayStation Blog. Many of the new items are creatively branded with PlayStation iconography, like the famous symbols, PlayStation’s classic logo, and the DualShock. Yet, a couple of the company’s properties have new merchandise present on the Gear store, as well.

For instance, fans can get their hands on a ton of new God of War t-shirts, tank tops, and baseball caps featuring Kratos or the Leviathan Axe emblazoned across them. There is even a Leviathan Axe keychain. Truthfully, though, no one should be surprised if the God of War “Dad of the Year” coffee mug becomes an instant best-seller.

In addition, three Death Stranding shirts have been added to the PlayStation Gear Store. No, these three tees do not offer any clue as to what Kojima’s latest project will actually entail. They have nice designs and appear to be of premium quality, however, and can be yours for just under $30 a piece.

As noted above, the PlayStation Gear Store seemed to have hit some sort of a snag in August 2018. For a brief period of time, the store’s official website simply did not exist. In fact, its link would instead redirect consumers to PlayStation-related listings on a GameStop webpage. Within weeks, the matter received resolution with no explanation as to what had actually taken place. Regardless, things seems to be going well at present.

[Source: PlayStation Gear Store via PlayStation Blog]