Days Gone’s New Weekly Challenge Puts Players’ Golf Cart-Driving Taxi Skills to the Test

For the last several weeks, SIE Bend Studio has consistently launched free weekly DLC challenges for Days Gone. This Friday’s content adds a new kind of challenge to the experience, allowing players to take a break from bike riding. Instead of Deacon’s Drifter Bike, Days Gone’s “Dead Don’t Ride” DLC puts players behind the wheel of a golf cart. Picking up and dropping off survivors in a taxi-like fashion serves as the crux of this latest bit of content.

Bend Studio shared the news in a Twitter post, featuring a brief video. See just how taxi services function in the apocalypse in the video below:

It’s called a challenge for a reason, so players shouldn’t anticipate a smooth and simple drive. Instead, these taxi-like objectives provide a race against the clock. In the Salome Hotsprings area, a total of 36 passengers are in need of transportation. The primary goal is to deliver all 36 passengers to their destination, safe, sound, and happy. Yes, happy. Each passenger will have their own satisfaction meter. If they’re satisfied upon reaching their destination, players will be rewarded with bonus points.

On the PlayStation Blog, Days Gone’s Game Director, Jeff Ross, shared a few tips on how best to master the Dead Don’t Ride objectives. One of the more interesting tips includes a detail about running over Swarmers. Apparently, this will neither scare passengers nor hurt delivery ratings. In fact, each Swarmer kill adds two seconds to the challenge’s clock. Safety standards really are tossed aside at the end of the world it seems.

The Dead Don’t Ride challenge also includes a unique soundtrack exclusive to this challenge, so you’ll have to get your Crazy Taxi on if you want to hear it.

The Dead Don’t Ride challenge is available for free in Days Gone now.

[Source: SIE Bend Studio on Twitter, PlayStation Blog]