Need for Speed Website Countdown Is Racing Toward an Announcement

It seems Electronic Arts is gearing up for a full on Need for Speed reveal in the coming days. In fact, fans of the racing franchise better mark their calendars for August 14th. The series’ website currently features a timer with over a day and some change left, and the hood will likely be blown off on a brand-new Need for Speed entry when the countdown strikes zero.

According to the constantly dwindling timer, the news in whatever form it may take will go live on August 14th at 9:00am CST. Barring the countdown and a white”NFS” logo on a black backdrop, the webpage is otherwise empty.

The publisher’s COO and CFO, Blake Jorgensen, teased EA’s Need for Speed plans back in February during a financial earnings call. A similar call in May saw EA announce that a new entry in the series would launch this year. This call also indicated a full unveiling wouldn’t take place during E3 2019. The company most definitely held true to the latter promise; might the former still be intact as well? It seems so.

Yet another financial call bore the responsibility of dishing out the goods on Need for Speed’s impending release. About two weeks ago, EA’s quarterly report revealed a new NFS was still on track for a 2019 launch. In addition, the publisher promised an announcement would go live prior to gamescom 2019, which will begin on August 20th. Judging by the countdown to August 14th, this serves as but another promise the company intends to keep.

All the gamescom excitement for EA shouldn’t be exclusively focused on Need for Speed, however. There’s plenty to suggest new information on a third Plants vs. Zombies shooter is on the horizon. If all goes as EA plans, that title will be unveiled soon, too.

[Source: Electronic Arts]