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EA to Unveil the Next Need for Speed Around Gamescom 2019

It’s been known for weeks that EA plans to launch a brand-new Need for Speed entry sometime in 2019. The unrevealed title received no mention during the publisher’s E3 2019 festivities, but new information is on the horizon. According to EA’s recent financial earnings call, the franchise’s next outing will be fully unveiled in a few weeks. Curiously, the cat may already be out of the bag. Thanks to a retailer leak, we know the new game’s title may be Need for Speed: Heat.

During its earnings call for the first quarter of the 2020 fiscal year, the company announced two new games are still on schedule to launch this year, Need for Speed and another Plants vs. Zombies shooter. According to VG247, EA said the next racing title’s unveiling will come in the lead up to gamescom 2019. Meanwhile, an announcement for the Plants vs. Zombie shooter, possibly a third Garden Warfare, will arrive during the upcoming event in Cologne, Germany.

News of Need for Speed’s impending reveal came on the heels of an aforementioned title leak. IGN recently reported that Austrian retailer Gameware incidentally let slip the Need for Speed: Heat title on its website. Interestingly enough, the listing’s name hasn’t been corrected. No further information appears on the listing.

Gamescom 2019 will begin on August 20th and come to a close on August 24th. Based on what’s been teased, thus far, it’ll likely be packed with exciting news. Sony will reportedly be attending, for one. THQ Nordic is planning to bring fresh details about a host of its previously announced titles, such as Darksiders: Genesis, while also unveiling new projects. Fans should expect additional information on Cyberpunk 2077 to emerge from the event as well, though the E3 2019 demo won’t hit the web until days later during PAX West.

[Source: Electronic Arts via VG247, IGN]