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EA Trademark Hints at Something Neighborly for Plants vs. Zombies’ Next Major Outing

Recently, Electronic Arts filed a European trademark for another Plants vs. Zombies game under the name of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. At present, no further details are publicly available. As such, it’s unclear as to what exactly this new entry in the series could entail. Might it be another Plants vs. Zombies, or could this trademark signify a third Garden Warfare installment? Recent events suggest it may be the latter.

A few weeks ago, emails leaked online that showed EA and developer PopCap Games were ready to begin closed beta testing a PvZ project codenamed “Picnic.” About a week or so later, during a financial call, the publisher unveiled plans to announce the next PvZ at gamescom 2019. In addition, much like the Need for Speed entry it was teased alongside, the unrevealed PvZ is set to launch sometime this year. The few details revealed during the call didn’t divulge much. However, at the very least, fans should anticipate the announcement of a shooter.

If Battle for Neighborville is indeed the new PvZ shooter, it’s curious that EA and PopCap have seemingly ditched the Garden Warfare subtitle. With Activision launching of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in October, perhaps Garden Warfare is being dropped to avoid any potential confusion.

Of course, none of this will become clear until EA formally announces the PvZ shooter. Thankfully, the wait for the reveal is nearly at an end. Gamescom will kick off in Cologne, Germany on August 20th. Although, it is possible the publisher will unveil the new title during the event’s pre-show–Gamescom: Opening Night Live–hosted by The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley on August 19th.

The last Plants vs. Zombies shooter, Garden Warfare 2, was released in early 2016. Now seems like the perfect time for a brand-new entry.

[Source: EUIPOGematsu via VG247]