Over 15 Publishers Will Debut New Content During Geoff Keighley’s gamescom 2019 Pre-Show

The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley will host a gamescom 2019 pre-show, gamescom: Opening Night Live, on August 19th. After announcing the show several months ago, Keighley promised a whole host of publishers would attend the event with things to show off. Based on the news the host relayed this morning, plenty of publishers have indeed signed on in some capacity. According to Keighley, more than 15 publishers are on board to “premiere new content and make announcements.” He shared the list in a recent post on his Twitter page.

16 publishers in total appear on the host’s list; yet, there are apparently more that aren’t mentioned. You can see the companies listed in Keighley’s post below:

None of the listed publishers are too surprising. After all, quite a few of them were already confirmed to attend gamescom in general, such as THQ Nordic, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco Entertainment. Now the question is what exactly these publisher will put on display during Opening Night Live. Perhaps this is when THQ Nordic will unveil one of its new games? We’ll know in just a couple of weeks.

Since a recent report suggested Sony would attend gamescom 2019, it’s nice to see company has confirmed as much. For now, however, there’s no telling how much of a presence the publisher will have at either the event itself or the pre-show. At the very least, Kojima will debut something for Death Stranding.

One publisher that can be marked off the list of potential attendees is Blizzard Entertainment. In May, Blizzard let fans know the team would not be in attendance, wanting to instead focus on development.

Gamescom: Opening Night Live will be streamed around the world on Monday, August 19th at 2 pm EST. Gamescom itself will officially begin the following day on August 20th and conclude on August 24th.

[Source: Geoff Keighley on Twitter]