We’ll Finally Get an Extended Look at Dying Light 2 Gameplay After Gamescom

Apart from a few trailers here and there, Dying Light 2 has hardly been shown in action. Soon that will all change, however. In the days following gamescom 2019, Techland will host a stream dedicated to an extended look at its gameplay. The stream will go live later this month on August 26th at 11 am PST, though we don’t know which site will be used to show off the footage just yet.

The official Dying Light 2 Twitter account shared the preliminary stream details. Check out the post linked below:

Techland originally announced the highly-anticipated Dying Light sequel back during E3 2018. The title was showcased with a reveal trailer and a few details about how things have changed. A far greater emphasis on choice will serve as one of the more notable differences between the sequel and original game.

In taking on the role of Aiden, players can choose exactly what type of person they want to be in the world of Dying Light 2. Perhaps that person is a saint who only tries to do what’s best for other. Or, perhaps Aiden’s characterization becomes more in line with that of the Joker, serving as little more than an agent of chaos. Regardless of how players choose to behave, each choice will in some form or another directly affect the world of Dying Light 2.

While Dying Light 2 still lacks a specific launch date, the sequel is expected to release for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One sometime in spring 2020.

[Source: Dying Light on Twitter]