Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 _Customization_Stream

Where and When to Watch the Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 Reveal, ‘Building a Better Monster Killing Machine’

Our journey to the Moon lies just ahead of us, but before we can land on the lunar surface in Shadowkeep, Bungie has a number of things to reveal about the way that Destiny 2 will be changing for the next year of play. First up was Director Luke Smith’s enormous “Director’s Cut” article (well, part one anyway) which looked back at the last six months of Destiny 2 in a very honest way. Today brings the reveal of Armor 2.0, the system that will give players the opportunity to embrace customizing builds for their Guardians, leaning into that RPG aspect that Destiny has always toyed around with.

“Building a Better Monster Killing Machine” is what Bungie’s calling the Armor 2.0 live stream, which will start today, August 14, at 10 am Pacific. During the stream, developers from the studio will create their own ideal builds for each of the three Guardian classes—Titan, Warlock, and Hunter—and send them out into the new sandbox to see how this customization performs in live-fire scenarios. We’ll also probably at least get a taste of the new sandbox to more effectively show off Armor 2.0 in action.

You can watch all the action in the Twitch embed below:

If the embed isn’t working for you, you can visit Bungie’s Twitch directly, or watch on YouTube or Mixer.

This is just the beginning of a series of reveals that will carry us through the next few weeks. During that time, we’ll see parts two and three of Luke Smith’s Director’s Cut article, a look at how PVP is changing with Shadowkeep and New Light, and a preview of how Seasons will be different in Year 3. Cross Save will also be active starting August 21, so you can start carrying your Guardians from one platform to another.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and the free-to-play base Destiny 2 New Light will be released on October 1, 2019 after a brief delay from its original September launch date.