Bungie Lights the Path to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep With Info Roadmap, Armor 2.0 Preview Next Week

Even before Shadowkeep was delayed last week, Destiny fans had been eagerly awaiting new information about the upcoming expansion. We got a ton of teases about the next year during the reveal, but with nearly two months to go until launch, there’s a lot more to talk about than just the Moon. Over the next seven weeks leading up to Shadowkeep, we now know what to expect thanks to a new roadmap published by Bungie.

Without laying out specific dates for each item on the roadmap, Bungie let us know that we’ll be getting more information on overall “evolutions for the experience.” Some of these reveals will include PVP updates, looking at the new Armor 2.0 system, and how Destiny 2’s Seasons will be evolving in the game’s third year. We’ll also see a couple of posts from Director Luke Smith talking about the state of the game and what the studio has learned from the past six months.

Here are the major milestones in the coming weeks:

1. ‘Director’s Cut’ with Luke Smith

2. Armor Customization Preview livestream

3. More Shadowkeep details at gamescom

4. Cross Save launch

5. How Seasons will change in D2Y3

6. PVP reveal for Shadowkeep

7. An invitation to the Crucible at PAX

It’s interesting that both Seasons and PVP are big enough updates to get their own bullet points on this list. Players have been asking for significant updates to Destiny 2’s Crucible PVP mode for a long time, but much of the team’s focus has been on PVE content. Not only does it seem like we’ll be getting some major changes, but Bungie also wants players to get an early hands-on with those changes at PAX. We’ll also here more Shadowkeep-specific details at gamescom. We already knew that Bungie was going to be a part of the gamescom opening night pre-show, but again, seeing the bullet point on this list says that the reveal will probably be significant.

Starting things off on this list, Luke Smith’s first post about the state of the game will be “early next week.” Part one alone is already at 4100 words, and he says that part two will be a similar length. Next up is the Armor 2.0 preview, titled “Building a Better Monster Killing Machine.” In this live stream, Bungie will be building out characters from each class and testing them in the new sandbox. You can catch that stream August 14 at 10 am Pacific on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. After that, Cross Save will launch on the 21st.

We don’t have dates for the rest of the reveals, but it’s pretty easy to surmise at least when the gamescom and PAX ones will be, given that we know the dates for those event. There’s a good chance we’ll learn about the new PVP prior to PAX as well, so expect that information to hit before the end of August.

Even with that two week delay, the day is fast approaching when Guardians get to return to the Moon and see the next steps that Bungie is taking to secure Destiny as an independent game. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and the free-to-play base, Destiny 2: New Light, launch October 1, 2019.

[Source: Bungie]