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Ready to Face the Demogorgon? Stranger Things DLC Is Coming to Dead by Daylight

Come this September, you will be able to hop into a new horror-filled adventure in Dead by Daylight’s realm of The Entity. When the time comes, fans will be get to face off against the Demogorgon, the otherworldly being that’s terrorized Netflix’s Stranger Things for three seasons. In the Stranger Things DLC, players will take on the role of two survivors, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington.

Get a look at Dead by Daylight’s upcoming Stranger Things DLC in the teaser trailer below:

In addition to a new killer and two new survivors, Dead by Daylight’s Stranger Things chapter will introduce another map, the Underground Complex. This map is set in Hawkins, Indiana and is situated below the Hawkins National Laboratory. Fans of the Netflix series will most notably remember this location as a space used to conduct MKUltra experiments, particularly on Eleven. It’s also the lab where scientists opened an inter-dimensional rift, which eventually resulted in the Demogorgon’s arrival in Hawkins.

Behaviour Interactive has yet to announce a specific launch date for the DLC. However, the team did reveal that console and PC players should expect to encounter the Demogorgon sometime in September. As such, more concrete details are bound to surface in the very near future.

Dead by Daylight’s most recent DLC chapter, which launched in June 2019, saw Scream’s Ghostface enter the multiplayer experience. In the past, the likes of Jigsaw and Freddy Krueger have been brought out to play, as well. With Stranger Things now set to feature, we can only guess as to what other horror franchise Behaviour Interactive may have in mind.

Dead by Daylight serves as but another example of Stranger Things‘ crossing over into the interactive medium. Just last month, Stranger Things 3: The Game launched across consoles, mobile, and PC platforms. And Netflix previously announced plans to eventually produce even more games for the franchise. This news surfaced not long after the Telltale title’s cancelation.

Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight is out now for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The game will come to the Nintendo Switch in September.

[Source: Behaviour Interactive]