telltale stranger things leak

Telltale Games’ Stranger Things Concept Art and Gameplay Footage Leaked

We’re now a few days removed from the sudden majority closure of Telltale Games, developer of story-based, episodic games such as The Walking Dead and Fables: A Wolf Among Us. In the wake of the closure, many ex-Telltale employees have taken to social media to talk about their time there, what the status on unreleased games is (most of them are canceled), and some have even taken to releasing unseen content. One drop in particular is pretty substantial, as it’s for a game that never saw the light of day beyond an early announcement. That game is, or was, the one based on Netflix’s hugely popular Stranger Things.

This content has been spreading, ostensibly showing up quietly in a few image hosting sites and making its way through Reddit and the like. The content comprises a bunch of character concept art for the main cast of kids, and several GIFs of the Stranger Things game actually in action. It looks like early footage, still a little rough around the edges (which makes sense), but it also could be a look at what Telltale was doing once it decided to move over from its creaky, old in-house engine to Unity.

You can take a look at the gameplay GIFs below, and check out our source link under the gallery for the concept art:

We’ll never get a chance to play this of course, but it’s nice to be able to see what the team, now out of work, was in the process of creating.

[Source: Reddit]