Devolver Digital Reaches Out to Netflix About Stranger Things License

In the wake of Telltale Games’ shuttering and the cancellation of its projects, Netflix has stated it still intends to produce a Stranger Things game. While the streaming giant has yet to disclose where its interest lies, Devolver Digital is actively campaigning for a shot at the licensing.

Devolver Digital, best known for publishing Hotline Miami and The Talos Principle, has entreated Netflix for a chance to produce the Stranger Things title. The publisher took to Twitter with its petition, featured in the tweet below:

The team Devolver has in mind to develop such a game is No Code, the studio behind PC’s indie darling, Stories Untold. Akin to Telltale’s brand of storytelling, Stories Untold is an episodic adventure game. The physiological horror that powers Stories Untold, as well as its critical acclaim, means Stranger Things would be right at home with No Code.

In a second show of benevolence, Devolver expressed interest in having developers from Telltale “join in on this and continue their vision for what was planned.” What Telltale Games specifically had planned for Stranger Things remains quite mysterious. However, leaked footage from the game suggests the studio had a style and tone in place.

[Source Devolver Digital’s Twitter via Bloody Disgusting]